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Такие скрепы

Оригинал взят у kiberbob2000 в Такие скрепы
Оригинал взят у dymovskiy_name в Такие скрепы
proxyДочь Ирины Родниной номинирована на престижную в США ЛГБТ-премию

While Irina Rodnina, a Russian politician and Olympic figure skating champion, is “saving” children of Russia and votes for anti-gay bill and anti-adoption bill in Russia, her daughter Alyona Minkovski is being nominated for GLAAD Media Award in the U.S.. The GLAAD Media Awards honor outstanding media images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that inspire change.

Alyona, please, could you also try to inspire change in your mom? Could you please let her know that all this child “saving” is what makes children flee Russia?
Сюр какой-то.

Alyona Minkovski, thank you for your awesome work and congratulations on the nomination!

Alyona was nominated by GLAAD for her work “Bisexuals Get Their Turn In The White House” in the category “Outstanding Digital Journalism - Multimedia”.

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